About Verity

Hello, and a warm welcome to Simply Self Innovation.


Verity Smith is a  Positive Psychologist and Coach helping individuals to make the changes they want in their life by the process of self-innovation: increasing your self awareness and knowledge of where you are today, to be able to create a personal strategy to fast track you to where you want to be. She believes everyone is unique and therefore the coaching approach needed will differ depending on where each person’s goals lie.


Verity on her own journey, has had a wide variety of careers before becoming a coach. After achieving a BSc Psychology from Oxford Brookes University she worked in sales and marketing for a global pharmaceutical company, managed a small sales team in the health and wellness industry and then went onto training and working as saddler for a successful family business.  Though she enjoyed her varied career path, she always felt that something was missing and she was not achieving her own true potential. One day, during a programme of coaching that she herself was on and packing up her vast collection of self-development and Psychology books for a house move, she had a ‘ha ha’ moment. The veil of fog lifted and crystal clear clarity swooped in its place. She realised she was fascinated by what makes people tick, the challenges they face as individuals and how they achieve their successes in spite of their challenges. Psychology and coaching is her passion, and she is deeply motivated by helping people to achieve their full potential.

That was the start of endless evenings studying Positive Psychology, regular trips to London to gain her qualification with the IIC&M and Pure Coaching Academy.  And Simply Self-Innovation was born!

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