Your journey

Each person’s life journey is as unique as their fingerprints, and of course you are already well on your way before you meet your coach…

Simply Self-Innovation can help you to fast track your journey in:

  • Your career
  • Your business or business start up
  • Your relationships at home or at work
  • Your health and fitness
  • Your finances
  • Your work / life balance
  • Your personal growth
  • Your leisure and fun
  • Your goal setting
  • Your preparation for an event or performance
  • Your mental and physical de-cluttering at home or work

The benefits you can expect when working with Simply Self-Innovation:

  • More clarity
  • More confidence
  • More motivation
  • More focus
  • More direction
  • More effectiveness
  • More positivity
  • More creativity
  • More happiness

As your self-development coach we will be:

  • 100% committed to your success
  • Giving you a completely confidential service
  • Supportive but challenging when needed
  • Offering email support between coaching sessions
  • Creating a personal self-development strategy with you
  • Believing in you even when you don’t
  • Being your biggest cheerleader

You will get the most out of coaching when you are:

  • 100% committed to your success
  • Looking for a powerful force of transformation in your life
  • Placing a premium on self-growth
  • Achievement orientated
  • Striving to get the most out of your life


We believe there is no set formula that works for everyone, so a bespoke coaching programmes will be created to suit your needs. However, we always recommend an initial 6 week programme to kick start your self-development.

Coaching sessions are done by phone or by Skype, so as to make it as convenient to you as possible. All you need is yourself, and pen and paper.

Let’s start together on the next step of your journey and sign up for a no obligation complimentary coaching session.